Mod detail guide in Stardew Valley Fishing

Stardew Valley Fishing Mod: Guide For Those Who Love Fishing
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Stardew Valley is an interesting RPG that was created by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. This game was first released in 2016 for Microsoft Window. After release, Stardew Valley received positive reports from both critics and gamers and quickly became one of the top-selling games on Steam. The game’s community keeps growing bigger and bigger. As a result, more skilled gamers who are also talented modder joined and started to work on impressive mods to give other players great pleasure while playing game.

One of the mods we’re going to talk about today is the Stardew Valley Fishing Mod. This post was written as a Stardew Valley Fishing Guide to know the fishing basics and help you slowly work your way up to become a fishing master!

The Easy Fishing Mod

Apparently, there are two Fishing Mods in this game – one of them is Easy Mod and the other is a Hard mod. Clearly, if you’re entirely new to this fishing feature, you should start with the Easy Mod. This mod allows you to catch fish easily (The level of difficulty for all fish is reduced to 15), in this Stardew Valley fishing mod, you can catch fish that spawn in specific season as well as every fish that spawn in specific weather (this mean whether it’s dry or raining, you still had a chance to catch them)

The Hard Fishing Mod

In this mode, you can produce more salt. It also helps you relief the stress by swearing. The level the fish is set up to 120, it means you can find the legendary fishes there.

How To Install Stardew Valley Fishing Mod

Since this is a Stardew Valley Fishing Guide, we will show you the instruction on how to install this mod.

Step 1: Download the Mod (either Easy or Hard Mod is up to you)

Step 2: In case of data loss, you need to backup original file to C:\”where ever steam is installed”\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data

Step 3: Go into the folder that has the Mod you just downloaded, extract the fike named Extract Fish.xnb to \Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Data.

How To Catch Fish In Stardew Valley Fishing Mod

  1. Crab Pots Stardew Valley Fishing Mod-Crab Pots

There’s a craftable and buyable item in the game called crab pot! You can purchase this from Willy and it will cost you 1500g. You can also craft one yourself with the following material – Ore bar x 3 and Wood x 40.

Once having the Crab pot item, place it in the water and fill it with bait. On the next day, check to see if you’ve caught anything. This item works in streams, lakes, and the ocean.

2. Fishing Pole Stardew Valley Fishing Mod-Fishing Pole

After installing the mod, you will receive the letter in the mail from Willy, who was on a fishing expedition, he tells you to come by the docks on the beach.

Once coming there he will give you a fishing rod called Bamboo Rod. In order to fish with this rod, use your mouse wheel to select it. After that, face a random water area (like a lake) and hold your left mouse button. Keep holding onto it until the casting bar reaches the desired area. If you hear a specific sound and see an ! pops up, quickly double click to reel in that fish. If what you catch is really a fish, keep the fish inside the green bar by clicking or holding your left mouse. Note that if the fish falls out, you lose your progress.

3. Upgrading your fishing pole

After fishing quite often with this Stardew Valley Fishing Mod, you may possess a variety of bait and you may not have a suitable hook for some of them!

Upgrading your fishing pole

Fortunately, in this Stardew Valley Fishing guide, we will also be showing you how to upgrade your fishing rod, in order to get the right hook for the right bait! The answer lies in the NCP Willy, you will get a letter once he has a pole upgrade in his shop.

How To Catch Fish In Stardew Valley Fishing Mod

Below are the money costs for upgrading each type of fishing pole.

Bamboo Rod (Free)

Fiberglass Rod (will cost you 1800g)

Iridium Rod     (will cost you 7500g)