Black desert online races and classes detail for each race

Black desert online races
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Black Desert Online game of the Korean MMO, which is a type of role-playing that players can be able to celebrate and create their own character within their imaginary, is not strange with the players around the globe. The most interesting part of this game might be created the characters for game playing purpose. In order to do that, players need to assign the black desert online races for its characters, which is the most crucial part, which will decide the appearance, the moving way and the attack skills of the hero. Choosing the race will define the classes and also the possible skill of your hero.

Black desert online races

Taking Medieval Fantasy world,  Black Desert Online allows players live in the ancient times, in which did not have any skyscraper building or the road with crowding vehicle but only involve many castles with different construction or even size, houses which only saw in the past or even the clothes and equipment of NPCs. With the stunning configuration, colors, and details in every single design helps the game success in attractive, praise and interested players. Also, in this phrase, all wonderful races is shown, where players can be played as Hunan, Elf or Giant in this world. Each black desert online races has its own special and signals appearance, which is easy to distinguish with other races. Dwarf and Hobbit will be added into the races by the provider.

Detail for black desert online races

The detail of each black desert online races will be clarified below which helps players understand the detail description the ability, class of characters in order to have the choice that suitable for you the player.

  1. Human

Detail for black desert online races

These black desert online races are the largest and the most common races in this game, most of them are located in the big cities, they have the ability to control the political, organizations and parties. Making the war to win resources is the main purpose of the human race which is based on the historical. These races are divided into 5 classes:

  • Sorceress can use its dark magic which uses melee and ranged attacks to successfully control the battlefield. By using range magic Sorceress can attract their enemies and knock them down with painful when they get closer.
  • Wizard’s magic has to depend on the time, by effectively managing the time Wizard can defeat its enemies. Be aware of the position and the time helps Wizard have the power to attack the enemies since they have the ability to defeat a group of enemies. However, time-limited is also Wizard’s drawback; it is difficult for this character to combat at 1vs 1 PVP.
  • Warrior has equipped its players, the speed, which means when you play as a Warrior you can be able to fight and dodge with high speed. Warrior is good at combating in close distances; they can be able to tactfully dodge, deflecting the shield and sword. In addition, all frontal damage can be blocked by Warrior that is why this character is the better choice for the beginners.
  • Valkyrie is equipped with the heavy armor due to the ability to attack in the close combat. The skill of this character is in some case similar to Warrior. Hence, it is better when you collaborate with Warrior to defeat the enemies. It is suitable for who refer the tank class.
  • Tamer can be able to attack in any range. If it could be supported by a beast called Heilang, this character could borrow the power from the beast to defeat the enemies ruthlessly.
  1. Elves

Detail for black desert online races- Elves

The black desert online races of Elves is seen as the only ancient race that they live separated, by their village in their own location. Black Desert designers, decided the appearance of Elves in this game similar to Humans and divided into 2 classes which are:

  • Ranger has the ability to attack the single enemies and give them a very strong damage. In addition, the character can be able to make a group of enemies stun. This class is suitable for the expert players.
  • Dark Knight has the ability to fight in both ranged and melee along with moving constantly make the character hard to be hit. It can be seen as the character which amazing for playing PVE and PVP.
  1. Giants

 Detail for black desert online races-Giants

 It is true to use the name Giant for these races due to the original size and the ability to change the size 2 times more than humans of the character. These black desert online races only involve male giants.

Understanding the concept and the ability of the hero helps you enjoy more on the game.